Running LASE from Eclipse


A few thing must be done to the code base before Sydit or LASE can run in a new environment.

LASE is still under development, so expect some rough edges and hiccups.

Eclipse Setup

You must have Eclipse Helios to run these programs. Your eclipse installation and your workspace must not have any spaces or underscores in the path Installing them in the root directory is preferable.

CCFinder Setup

LASE uses a program called CCFinder, which in turn requires Python version 2.6. CCFinder should go in your C:\\ directory.
The Win32 executable for CCFinder can be found here.
Python 2.6 can be found here.

If you are using a Mac, see Running CCFinder on Mac

Required projects

LASE and Sydit are packaged as an eclipse update site. you can unzip the size and install LASE from the help>install new software menu.

Running LASE

To use LASE:

1) First open the LASE view.

empty LASE view.png

2) Click the green plus to add a new systematic change. Fill in the wizards with the example code changes you want LASE to analyze.
2a) The first wizard asks for a target project in which to look for potential match locations.


2b)provide example code changes.
  • These must be from two versions of a file.
  • Lase requires at least two code changes.
  • You can select a class with the Browse button, or enter the class path in the text field.
  • You must give the entire class path up to the project name.
  • Once a valid class is entered, you can select a method in that class from the dropdown menu.


3) An edit tree will come up in the LASE view.
4) Right click on your edit and select generate edit script to run the first part of LASE.
  • This analyzes the example changes you gave and generalizes them into an edit script.
  • You can now view the changes as an abstract syntax tree by right clicking on the example of interest.
  • You can save the generated edit script by clicking the save​ icon

lase loaded changes.png

6) After the edit script has been generated, right click and select 'find potential edit locations' to locate places in your candidate project where a similar edit exists.

- Eclipse


If you install the LASE software under the following Eclipse 3.6 version, an error would occur for some reason.


Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
Software being installed: LASE_Feature (
Software currently installed: Eclipse SDK 3.6.0.I20100608-0911 (org.eclipse.sdk.ide 3.6.0.I20100608-0911)
Only one of the following can be installed at once:
Text Editor Framework 3.6.0.v20100520-0800 (org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.6.0.v20100520-0800)
Text Editor Framework 3.6.1.r361_v20100714-0800 (org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.6.1.r361_v20100714-0800)
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: LASE_Feature (
To: org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor 3.6.1
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Platform 3.6.0.v20100602-9gF78GpqFt6trOGhL60z0oEx3fz-JKNwxPY ( 3.6.0.v20100602-9gF78GpqFt6trOGhL60z0oEx3fz-JKNwxPY)
To: org.eclipse.ui.workbench.texteditor [3.6.0.v20100520-0800]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse Project SDK 3.6.0.v20100427-7Q7m-DPY2dP0s7TnP1vxqsprbrvrHJwHMVz0mb8mhRXmu ( 3.6.0.v20100427-7Q7m-DPY2dP0s7TnP1vxqsprbrvrHJwHMVz0mb8mhRXmu)
To: [3.6.0.v20100602-9gF78GpqFt6trOGhL60z0oEx3fz-JKNwxPY]
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Eclipse SDK 3.6.0.I20100608-0911 (org.eclipse.sdk.ide 3.6.0.I20100608-0911)
To: [3.6.0.v20100427-7Q7m-DPY2dP0s7TnP1vxqsprbrvrHJwHMVz0mb8mhRXmu]

The following versions are recommended to run LASE.


Click “http”


If there is an error about SVNKIT when you install LASE, please install the following prerequisite software:

(Using "Eclipse Update Website" for the installation would not work.)