Getting the script

  • You can download the whole folder from SealLab's repository: Script (Test and Ref)
  • Folder Explanation:
    • ftResult: results from FaultTracer
    • RefList: results from Ref-Finder in XML format
    • Result: results from the scripts
    • Script: python scripts using in this project

Running the script

  1. Go into Script folder.
  2. Run "Run.bat".
  3. Choose subject program then press ENTER.
  4. Choose question then press ENTER.
    • q1: Are there adequate regression tests for refactoring in practice?
    • q2: How many of existing regression tests are relevant to refactoring edits and thus need to be rerun for the new version?
    • q3: What proportion of failure-inducing changes are relevant to refactorings?

  5. The result will be in Result folder.


  • This works on Windows. Some hardcoded file path must be changed to run on Mac or Linux.
  • Required library:
    • Python 3.0 or later version
    • PyYaml