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Running CookBook

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CookBook only has a few operations and the basic process is simple:
  1. start the real time matching
  2. begin making your code change
  3. see if any edit scripts match your change. Matching scripts will have a high score and go from red to yellow to green as the confidence of the match increases
  4. at any time when you are ready to apply an edit script, either double click on that script or click the "apply edit script button" with the edit script selected.

If you do not have an edit script library, a default empty library is created in your current eclipse workspace in the ".metadata" folder.

Current Issues

  • Some code in changeassistant and changeassistant.multipleExample relies on absolute file paths to some files, which won't work on a different computer; specifically:
    • changeassistant/config/properties and changeassistant.multipleexample/config/properties list some required file paths that are system dependent
    • the file changeassistant/main/ uses an absolute filepath to find "projectPair.xml"
    • changeassistant/multipleexample/apply/ uses a direct file path to changeassistant.multipleexample/tmp
    • changeassistant/multimpleexample/ccfinder/ uses an absolute file path to ccfx.exe (which has its own dependency issues to deal with)
  • Changeassistant.multipleexample uses an external Python program CCFinder, so the user right now needs Python and CCFinder installed seperately, they don't come packaged with LASE/CookBook

NOTE: These issues affect LASE operation and creating new edit scripts, but they do not affect running CookBook on preexisting edit scripts